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HandSIP by Alhambra Eidos

Alhambra-Eidos is a spanish company founded in 1991 with the real commitment to provide innovative services and solutions in the information and communications technnologies around the world. This long history with over 25 years in the industry allows them to offer the highest quality in both global projects and integration and Cloud services thanks to an exceptional team. 

The good work of this company has allowed them to have a steady growth since its inception, with international presence in Spain, France, Poland, Uruguay, Brazil and USA.

Among its services we find Professional Services in the Cloud called handSIP, which for the last 10 years have been offerering sucessfully services to all types or organizations that need to make and receive voice communications lowring costs. 

Sine 2015 handSIP handSIP opens to marketing through specialized channel.

Ours news

  • handSIP migrated to V15 3CX, taking advantage of new performance and security advantages, offered by the lastest version and which represent a turning point in the product line for this manufacturer.
  • Alhambra-Eidos launches new training program, highlighting the incorporation of the VoIP area, which complete the areas of communications, security and systems.
  • Alhambra-Eidos launches OneseQ, cybersecurity area of the company.



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