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La Revolución Cloud API ha llegado a la VOIP


Iván Sixto


Interactive Powers

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Digital Transformation is changing the way in which we propose the systems we use to communicate. We are experiencing an Internet revolution that begins to affect basic services that we now operate with specific devices or business systems. Some, have already been completely absorbed by the cloud, be it web search, positioning maps or directory services. Today, new and much more advanced services such as Artificial Intelligence, Speech Processing, Learning Algorithms or Security Systems will become APIs in the offers of suppliers such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM ... etc. Ivan will explain how Cloud services affect API to the approach of our corporate VOIP communication systems and how we can take advantage of them to improve our processes through SIP or WebRTC.


Ivan Sixto is a partner and founder of several communication software companies. He is currently responsible for directing Interactive Powers' business strategy and development. Ivan has been working on real-time video and IVR communication projects for more than 10 years in important sectors such as Health, Insurance, Defense and Services.