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Alisys is a telecommunications operator providing cloud-value and pay-as-you-go services fully embedded in the customer's technical infraestructure and applications (website, CRM, mobile applications, instant messaging). As a wholesale operator, it offers other operators:

  • National and international VoIP termination for corporate traffic with the highest quality, with propagation of the original unmodified callerId.
  • National and international telephone numbering in 65 countries with full regulatory compliance.
  • Intelligent network installation.
  • Faxmail service in white label.
  • Platform of visual switchboard in white mark.
  • Platform of sending and receiving SMS in white mark.
  • Time stamping.

Ours news

  • Extension of local termination offer for LATAM countries. Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru.
  • Intelligent network numbering.
  • Automatic dialer of calls.