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Irontec is a reference VoIP company in Spain, renowned for its tailor-made consultancy, engineering and IP telephony integration, always with open technologies. 

Since 2003 it has led thousands of projects for all types of organizations, from SMEs that have drastically reduced their telephone bills to large accounts  (such as Euskaltel, Iberdrola, Vaillant GROUP, peerTransfer, EiTB or the University of Deusto). Innovation, awarded in different internacional competitions.

During these years, the PBX has evolved towards new solutions thanks to IVOZ, its own professional VoIP solution on Asterisk "best product" award in VoIP2DAY 2016.

IVOZ has a wide catalog that adapts to all types of corporate needs: from versatile corporate switchboards to powerful solutions for telephony service providers and multichannel contact centers.  

Ours news

  • iVOZ Provider Open Source. 1 year of our award-winning vendor solution.
  • Asterisk-based PBX and Call Center products.
  • IVOZ Provider Custom PBX integration.