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Khomp is an industry that enables technology through hardware and software development. It develops GSM E1/T1 gateways 2G/3G, FXS, FXO and SBC (Session Board Controller). Its acts in the markets of telephony operators, call centers, value-added avoice platforms, data and voice providers, security and access control.

Since 1996 Khomps has maintained the focus of its works on innovation and quality and is recognized for the reliability of its customers and partners. It currently has regional offices and associated distributors in several countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, United States, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus, as well as its headquarters in Santa Catarina and subsidiary in San Pablo. Learn more at www.khomp.com, at blog.khomp.com or on social networks.

Ours news

  • Line of UMG gateways, for the corporate market.
  • KMG gateway line, for call center and corporate.
  • KMG Monitor product, solution for monitoring and control of media gateways.