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Mildmac is an integrator of technological solutions with 29 years of experience, which researches and works with the most advanced technologies, being specialized in corporate communiactions and IP telephony. Our philosophy is the constant adaptation to the new ideas and technological proposals that add value to the companies. Our structure makes us agile and flexible, so we can quickly and cost-effectively transfer our knowledge and technological innovations to our customers, covering their needs very quickly and helping to increase their productivity, reducing costs and resulting in an overall improvement of its business.

Our great value added is our support service that combines a high degree of professionalism with a human treatment and close to the client. We have the experience and capacity to develop large projects, both nationally and internationally, with large companies, in the field of IP communications, VoIP, IoT, BLE, RFID... 

Ours news

  • GSRV (Virtual Meeting Room Management)
  • BTraZing