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Zoho is the operating system for business - with all the necessary applications to run a business from the cloud. Zoho offers applications for marketing, sales, customer support, finance and human resources. Over 30 million users from 60+ countries rely on Zoho every day to run their businesses online.

Zoho's PhoneBridge helps you build an integration between your PBX / Call Center solution and Zoho products. Upon completion, your customers can enjoy Click-to-Call, automatic call pop-ups, call logging, and advanced analytics, from within their business software. This unconventional integration does not need you to be an expert on business software, and decide on what information to show the user, and how. All you need to do is inform us through APIs, details of when your users get a phone call, and from whom they get the phone call. Get started and apply to Zoho PhoneBridge https://zoho.com/phonebridge

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