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Implementing Real-Time P2P VoIP Payments Via BlockChain


Michael Iedema



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Bitcoin brought about true P2P payments on the Internet without the need for a trusted intermediary. However, RTC applica-ons require a much higher transac-on rate than it can support. With the introduc-on of new blockchain technologies, how close are we to true real--me P2P payments for RTC services? Which problems do blockchain-based payments solve and which problems do they create?
These ques-ons and more will be covered in the context of a new, Asterisk-based implementa-on.


After first learning about VoIP in the days of Free World Dialup, Michael has spent more than 15 years doing R&D in the telecommunications space, focused primarily on turning complex technology into highly usable products. Most recently he has been developing a cellular base station firmware for Range Networks which bridges the world of 3GPP radio standards and IETF Internet protocols. In early 2018 he joined the Lethean project as a core developer, helping develop a decentralized P2P blockchain-based VPN.