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Integración de sistemas, bigdata y machine learning al servicio de la VoIP (30')


Jesús Martínez


TICARUM / Universidad de Murcia

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The development of its own IP Telephony solucion based on Asterisk and Kamailio systems allowed the University of Murcia to undertake a process of migration of its entire fleet of Cisco 79XX IP terminals to SIP. The milestone, completed in November 2017, marked the beginning of an interesting period of development to improve the internal and external communications of the institution.
As a result of this commitment, a Contact Center system was created, tailored to the specific needs of the University, but with great future capabilities that would improve the daily work of staff and the service offered to students and citizens.
With this objective in mind and within the Digital Transformation policy of the University of Murcia, work is being done on the development of a Contact Center application platform with the following capabilites:
- Integration with multiple corporate systems offering information to agents and users at the right time. At the moment the integrations carried out and in production are the following:
* Atlassian JIRA: project and incident tracking software.
* Rocket.chat: solution for computer chat
* ICT infrastructure monitoring panel, to be aware of possible technical problems.
*LDAP Directory
- Knowledge base: The system stores contextual information of the received calls, allowing the agent to make notes, establish topics, etc. With this information the statistics system is enriched by offering data beyond simple information of number of calls and service levels.
- Big Data: The enormous amount of information obtained in each call will allow us to obtain key business information for the improvement of information and support services, as well as the implementation of campaigns to attract students totally focused on the target audience.
- Machine Learning: The system will be able to learn about the behavious of received calls, providing information to the user without the need for human intervention at level 0. For example, by detecting that a call comes from a building where there is a technical problem, the system will provide an automatic response to users in the affected area.

Or, for example, for a certain student, it will offer the possibility of enrolling in a new postgraduate course that adapts to their profile and branch of study. At the moment we have integrated a chatbox with VoIP through Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text with the machine learning technology of Google Cloud.


Computer Engineer, Master in Design and Management of Technological Projects and Management of Tecnology-Based Companies. He directs the ICT Infrastructures Area of TICARUM, a technology company of the University of Murcia dedicated to the development of ICT solutions, Applications and Networks.
He is Vice-Dean of the Professional College of Computer Science Engineers of the Region and Murcia and has more than 14 years of experience in network systems and communications, designing value-added solutions with high innoovative content in environments of IP Telephony and Unified Communications.