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La seguridad no es un juego, el fútbol SI!


Fernando Villares


Intelix Ingeniería

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In this talk we will explain the computer and telecommunications security procedure used in the marriage of soccer mega star Lionel Messi in Argentina, 2017; from risk analysis, initial to encrypted communications procedure using Asterisk PBX with SIP TLS SRTP, encrypted phones and military data exchange protocols as well as radio frequency blocks and more!

We will show brief case studies of military-grade encrypted communication using Asterisk. The main idea is to show that with free software and simple access for all was set to perform a security procedure with nothing to envy the most expensive and secure proprietary solutions that there are in the world today.


Fernando Villares is a Computer Systems Engineer, expert in computer security and telecommunications, expert in computer forensics, working in security and telecommunications since 2004. He has presented on these topics in Spain, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia and the United States. With their company they realized the computer security of Lionel Messi's marriage, among other operative.