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Plataforma de Comunicaciones como Servicio


Iván Sixto


Interactive Powers

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The level of maturity of the services in the cloud is reaching a new point of evolution for the telecommunications platforms. It is increasingly common that companies want to have a secure, voice or video over IP solutions without having to invest in their own systems or infrastructure. This new trend covers, not only hardware and networks, but also software in a joint way. We will analyze how it is possible today to talk about the Communications Platform as a Service in VoIP environemnts thanks to the standardization of protocols, web services and specific API frameworks.


Iván Sixto is partner and founder of several telecommunications software companies. Currently, he is responsible for directing the strategy and business development of Interactive Powers. Iván works on video projects in real-time RTC and IVR voice self-services for more than 10 years in important sectors such as health, insurance, services and contact center.