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The power of Timeseries (30')


Lorenzo Mangani y Federico Cabiddu



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The Open-Source HOMER/HEP stack provides many amazing capabilies including the ability transform passively captured VoIP/RTC traffic into powerful Timeseries for mulple backends such as Prometheus, InfluxDB and Elascsearch, powering unlimited scenarios for Alerts, Anomaly and Fraud Detecons, Machine Learning for Telecom and RTC Operators. Discover how to leverage and integrate the latest HEP features into your network.


-- Lorenzo Mangani --
Specialist in RTC, Voice Designer and Full Stack Solution The architect Lorenzo is founder of QXIP BV, co-founder and developer of the HOMER / SIPCAPTURE project and voice specialist of the NTOP team. Lorenzo has worked in Telecommunications and VoIP for more than a decade and has brought ideas, design concepts and code to many Open Source and voice-related commercial projects that specialize in active and passive monitoring solutions with his team. He is currently a senior voice engineer and designer of one of the largest international cable operators.

-- Federico Cabiddu --
Federico is a Senior VoIP Developer of Libon project, an OTT service from Orange Vallee, the innovation division of the French mobile operator Orange. Graduated in Electronic Engineering at University of Cagliari, Italy, in 2001, Federico has been working since then in VoIP, using mainly open source solutions. He is an active Kamailio's community member and proudly activist of the SIPCAPTURE team.