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Tomando el control de nuestras comunicaciones


José Luis Verdeguer



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Presentation of a personal project that is based on the development of a firewall that, through the use of Kamailio and a web panel, can protect our switchboard from external attacks. The project is opensource and its purpose is to protect us from attacks as well as to monitor and understand everything that reaches our system and that we don't normally see.


José Luis is a Computer Systems Technical Engineer, University of Alicante. He has an official Master's Degree in Programming and Development of Web Applications and Services, by the same University. He has been immersed in the world of computer security and hacking for more than 20 years, getting to write a book about security and hacking in VoIP systems. He has also given numerous talks and workshops on VoIP and security in the most important computer security congresses nationwide.
He currently works as a CTO in Zoonsuite, a VoIP operator that offers services in the cloud. Its function is to ensure the safety and proper functioning of the systems.