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WebRTC: Tras el Telón (30')


Iñaki Baz


46 Labs

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When we talk about WebRTC or, more generically, Real-Time Communications, we focus our interest on the functionalities of the user application. Browsers already support WebRTC and there are SDKs for native apps, and we deduce that the most complex part "is already done". Crassus error. The development of a complex, functional and scalable RTC application is far from the classic "eye-catching demo" to which we are accustomed. The "boring" part of the project (all backend, security, storage, deployment, monitoring, etc.) consumes and requires much more planning and development time thatn the core funcionality of the application itself. In this talk he will talk about Sync, a videoconferencing application focused on companies and organizations in which he has been working for more than a year.

It will also explain the complex architecture behind the user interface, the software used in each node, the developments undertaken, as well as the problems encountered and decisions taken in this time.


Passionate about new technologies, Open Source, WebRTC, modern Web development, Node.js, C++ and, above all, Real-Time Communications.