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IP telephony solution for more than 85 locations throughout the national territory


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GM Food Ibérica

La necesidad

GM Food is the leading wholesale distribution group in Spain. A company that employs more than 2.500 workers and that invoices more than 1.100 million annually. This organization presents an important challenge to Irontec. Update the unifed communications of all its corporate headquarters and supermarkets nationwide. A project with more than 85 locations and more than 1500 extensions.

The project poses the following challenges:

• TRANSPARENT INTEGRATION WITH ALCATEL: This project requires full integration with its Alcatel-based telephone systems. This system has a very high traffic and a very important dependecy for the organization. Therefore, a completely transparent integration is required.

• SAVINGS AND REUSE. The park of deployed terminals is very large, so it will be necessary to find terminals with reduced costs and high funcionality, in addition to reusing part of what is installed (generating as little digital waste as possible and thus reducing global CO2 emissions).

• CIRTICITY: it is a system that will serve the entire organization at the national level, so it is tremendously critical. It is essential to ensure proper operation 24/7/365 both at the system level and after-sales support.

• OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE COSTS: One of the main problems of the organization focuses on the operational and economic costs of maintaining dozens of decentralized switchboards throughout the territory. An easily operable and maintainable solution is required.

• CAU INTEGRATION: the organization outsources a service to its users that it wants to integrate into the new system.

• ADVANCED FUNCTIONALITIES: the client demands expected funcionalities of a modern system such as teleworking, multivideoconferencing, call recording... and some that go a step further as fixed-mobile convergence, charging in the PBX itself, analysis of call quality, monitoring proactive of the entire park deployed, no dependence on the integrator and operator and absence of hidden costs.

La solución

To solve this project, we have opted for a VoIP Engineering project based on the following elements:

• Cluster OF IVOZ Business based on Asterisk + Kamailio deployed in high availability multiCPD deployed in a virtualized environment based on Proxmox.
• Local survival system in the main headquarters
• Full integration with Alcatel-based solution for path integration, transparent numbering plan and full Dialplan integration that allows for transparent migration
• Full integration of remote monitoring system from Irontec NOC for 24/7 supervision
• Integration of Movistar Macrolan among all the venues
• Deployment of banks of analogue channels Grandstream GXW4232 for the reuse of analog terminals of low user profile
• Integration of Grandstream IP terminals GXP1630 (mid range) and GXP27xx (high range)
• Full integration of DECT telephony through Siemens 720 antennas + reuse of DECT GAP terminals
• Integration of multi-device softphones with centralized management BRIA STRETO

El beneficio

This project has given the client a global IP telephony system with high performance and full high availability. All this with a degree of complete integration at the level of customer infrastructure, connectivity, reuse of legacy elements and integration of new advanced equipment. The client opted for an ivoz solution provides the client with functionality and the guarantee of being deployed by one of the most relevant integrators in the sector. The customer buys Irontec beyond the purely technological.

In addition, this solution, compared to a solution based on pure Asterisk provides some advantages oriented to critical telephony solutions that this type of companies require as: self-management, portal, full integration with NOC support 24/7 Irontec, high geographic availability with survival local... 

All this within the framework of a project that today provides great savings in operational and maintenance costs. In addition, the solution has allowed a low impact migration for the user, in many cases 100% transparent. The use of the SIP standard and 100% open protocols has allowed the client to select a range of terminals adapted to their investment needs. Nowadays the client can manage 100% of the system completely autonomously, including a system of remote user management (roadwarrior)


Irontec has devloped with this project a project that stands out for:

  1. Large volume of headquarters and criticality of the service offered for the largest logistics company in Spain
  2. A high level of integration with Alcatel telephone systems thanks to the integration with legacy switchboards
  3. An important differential value based on a solution in High Geographic Availability with redundancy local, which integrates advanced IP functionalities. All this with solutions based on Asterisk and Kamailio. With a high degree of integration.