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Arquitectura y plataforma abierta de desarrollo para entornos UCC


Víctor Moracho, Johannes Nowak y Sergio Mayoral


Innovaphone AG

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We will show a new architecture model for a universal and modular communication workspace including a live demo. It provides a collabroative framework where you simply can add your own application services or reuse the existing services via standard APIs. An SDK layer allows you to program new features and functions without knowledge about the (Linux) OS underneath. On the client site there is an OS independent browser iwth an OS-specific extension. So any App created by the community can easily be rolled out to mulple devices and will immediately be available for the main Os platforms (Windows / iOS / Android / Mac) without any adaptaion. The framework on one hand is providing a lot of standard features for communication, administration and security, like user database, phone features, authentication for single sign on and two factor authentication mechanisms. Additionally it supports a Iot standard APIs and interfaces for any kind of further integration. Sunch as SIP, WebRTC, Websockets, JSON, REST, ICE, DTSL-SRTP... As a technical Demo, we will together create our first application based on this modern and unique architecture by using the SDK tutorial.


Víctor M. Moracho

He is a Senior Telecommunciations Engineer from UPM, with more than 10 yeras of experience in the sector. His professional career has always been linked to the Communications Networks since its inception. First part of the team of the "Queen Mary University of London" (QMUL) as a researcher at the "Communication Networks and Service Assurance Laboratory", after completing an internship at the Ericsson Spain R&D Center in 2005 After having worked for different technology companies, in 2011 the joined Innovaphone AG, as Area Sales Manager IBERIA of the German manufacturer of IP communications equipment and solutions, developing the distribution channel for Spain, Portugal and Androrra.


Johannes Nowak

Johannes is working in the communications industry since over 25 years. In management positions at various manufacturers such as Bosch, Siemens, Ericsson, Aastra and Mitel, he has gained broad international experience in the communications solutions business. These engagement always were including several vertical solutions including the heathcare segment.
Since summer 2016 Johannes is in charge of international business development at the Swabian innovaphone AG and is currently presenting the new way of working concept around the solution "innovaphone myApps" in Europe and worldwide.


Sergio Mayoral

Sergio is a Senior Telecommunications Engineer from the UPM from the University of Stuttgart. He has been working for more than 15 years in the telecommunications sector in companies such as Sony, Dialogic or Innovaphone. He is currently developing video and collaboration solutions as well as apps for the new Innovaphone application platform.