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Capture VoIP & Everything in a Time-Machine


Lorenzo Mangani



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Modern Telecoms and Enterprise ship lots of packets-VoIP, RTC, APIs from all sort of services and vendors, featuring many network technologies, overlapping protocols and traffic flows, quite often without native methods available for capturing and troubleshooting. QXIP and Cubro decided to resolve this problem by creating a new open hardware platform for high-performance Network Visibility, VoIP & Voice Monitoring, Recording and playback applications for any protocol, powered by true Open-Source: The EXA8 Packet Time-Machine. Discover how to leverage the best OSS network tools and the EXA8 alongside HOMER and the HEP platforms to deploy the ultimate passive monitoring system.


CEO and Co-Founder of Amsterdam based QXIP BV, Co-Founder and Developer of HOMER / SIPCAPTURE Project. Formerly a Sound Engineer, Lorenzo has been deeply involved with telecommunications and VoIP for well over a decade and has contributed ideas, design concepts and code to many voice-related Open-Source and commercial projects specializing in active and passive monitoring solutions with his team.