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Globalizing WebRTC and SIP - Going beyond the signal


Nir Simionovich


Cloudonix, Inc

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Building a large VoIP or WebRTC deployment is an interesting challenge - how about building a Global one? There is much more than just signalling to making a global network work. How did Cloudonix create a global VoIP / WebRTC network, that spans 24 countries, 48 different data centers on 5 continents - all without ever leaving their office? This talk will introduce you to our Open Source bag of tricks, how we manage global deployments - and some of our interesting AI driven backend systems, that dramatically reduce audio latency, call distribution, multi-protocol handling and more.


He is a professional Asterisk application and platforms developer with a flare for platform development in various fields. He is also an established author, having written two books about Asterisk.