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Sobre cómo gestionamos centenares de despliegues de VoIP


Gorka Gorrotxategi y Héctor Prieto



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A talk that reviews the extensive experience of Irontec in the field of VoIP. A company in constant growth and with hundreds of deployments behind it since 2006. As on other occasions, we will focus primarily on the most technical aspects, detailing the different challenges we have had to overcome. We will talk about specific advanced monitoring or multi-environment automation from the level of devOps. In this sense and, among other challenges that we have faced throughout our trajectory, we will explain some of the technical decisions that we have had to take to ensure an important growth of platforms. The conference will be given jointly by the head of support of our communications team, in charge of a large team specialized in the different open source VoIP components, such as Asterisk, Kamailio, SEMS, IVOZProvider, SNGREP and derivatives, accompanied by the technical manager of the area.


Gorka Gorrotxategi
CTO and founding partner of Irontec, on the technical front of large-scale projects from its origins, critical infrastructure specialist. Networking & VoIP lover.


Hector Prieto
Coordinator of the support and operations team, working in Irontec for more than 8 years. Specialist in monitoring resources and deployments and implementations.