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M900: DECT multicell Base Station


Estación Base Snom M900


Snom Technology GMBH


The new M900 base allows up to 4.000 bases and 16.000 terminals without licenses, at no additional cost and without LAN and RF synchronism. DECT installations are deployed in minutes with the new solution to which the new M70, M80 and M90 terminals are added.

This new base station not only incorporates a new design but also new functions that make this a much more versatile solution than other market solutions. In addition to offering an integrated DECT administrator, it offers DECT and LAN synchronization. This solution guarantees constant availability and efficient transfer, so that calls are transferred seamlessly between individual base stations, including through floors or buildings.

In addition, it incorporates integrated TLD encryption offering absolute standards in terms of encrytion. Moreover, it provides a solid foundation for any installation. From a small office with a single base station to, for example, a hospital with several thousand devices. Thanks to its DECT administrator, you can allow individual installations comprising up to 4.000 base stations and up to 16.000 headphones easily and efficiently.