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Sangoma PBXact Software


Sangoma PBXact Software




PBXact softwarei s a unified communications solution designed to be installe din the client's virtualized hardware or environment. It offers the same functionalities as the Sangoma PBXact appliances but with the additional advantage of providing flexibility in local implementation that allows you to save the cost of additional hardware, in the case of using the client's hardware, or creating a completely virtualized environment. The PBXact software offers an unlimited capacity of users and calls, only limited by the hardware / VM you choose.
The PBXact software offers an unlimited capacity of users and calls, only limited by the hardware / VM you choose. The PBXact software is designed to provide IP PBX and UC functionalities to companies of all sizes with a very affordable price. The unified communications solution offers mobile and remte workers the ability to connect from their smartphones or desk phones (IP or analog), wherever they are, in the office, at home or traveling. The product also includes the Sangoma UC client called ZULU, available for desktop (Linux, Windows and IOS) and for the mobile phone (iOS and Android). Other key features included in PBXact are:

• Presence and instant messaging
• Built-in Conference Bridge
• Music on hold for incoming calls
• Fax
• File sharing and screen sharing
• Mobile client

PBXact Software is a Unified Communications solution designed to unify teams and connect companies with their customers, from any device and anywhere. The PBXact software is unique because it is an all-inclusive solution. It offers all users all the functionalities at a very competitive price. This allows companies to easily scale without having to change their pricing plans. Simply add more users as needed.

Solución UC de extremo a extremo
El software PBXact ofrece a las empresas una solución integral con los teléfonos IP de Sangoma. Diseñados específicamente para su uso con el software PBXact, los teléfonos IP Sangoma extienden la potencia de la UC a los terminales de los usuarios. Los teléfonos IP de Sangoma cuentan con PhoneApps, que permite a los usuarios controlar funciones avanzadas de Comunicaciones Unificadas directamente desde las pantallas de sus teléfonos, como Estacionamiento de llamadas, Sígueme, Salas de conferencias, Desvío de llamadas, Condiciones de tiempo, Contactos y más. Los teléfonos IP Sangoma están disponibles en diferentes modelos para satisfacer las necesidades de cada usuario.

End-to-end UC solution
PBXact software offers companies a comprehensive solution with Sangoma IP phones. Designed specifically for use with PBXact software, Sangoma IP phones extend the power of the UC to the user's terminals. Sangoma IP phones feature PhoneApps, which allows users to control advanced Unified Communications features directly from their phone's screens, such as Call Parking, Follow me, Conference Rooms, Call Forwarding, Weather Conditions, Contacts and more. Sangoma IP phones are available in different models to meet the needs of each user.

The PBXact software offers a 100% OpEx solution when the customer can use their own hardware or VM environment. The impact of a 100% OpEx all-inclusive solution is very important for the VoIP market in Spain. Create a more competitive atmosphere among solution providers while benefiting consumers. It allows to reduce costs for companies, minimizing expenses to start the business and operate in such a competitive landscape.