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As pioneers of IP Voice, Innovaphone focuses on the development of IP telephony, perfectly combining experience and large doses of innovation.

Our commitment: a portfolio of light and robust products that do not need a server, based on standards and with open interfaces that allow the integration of analog solutions and special functionalities of our own development or new applications. Innovaphone's "all-in-one" solution offers IP telephony solutions (VoIP Gateways, IP telephones and and analog adapters), Unified Communications and Collaboration as well as a work environment on which to run, integrate or build your corporate tools and productivity applications, the "Innovaphone myApps" platform. 

The new universal work and communications platform, Innovaphone myApps provides the framework, which is completely based on web technology, for application development. Both our Technology Partners and our own software specialists have a free way to develop their own applications on this bases. The Inonvaphone development environment guarantees, among other things, that applications work identically and responsively from any device: be it the Smartphone, the PC or any other.

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