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Spectralink, a leader in the enterprise mobility market, we have the most developed portfolio of wireless telephone solutions in the industry, and is optimized for mission critical application in medical, retail, manufacturing and hospitality environments. Our difference? How we achieve superior voice quality and our commitment to business needs, both in connectivity and in the safety and reliability of our products.

We have more than 500 partners around the world that offer a comprehensive solution: unified communications, Wi-Fi and / or DECT mobility and applications developed for the specific needs of each industry. Additionally, Spectralink has the only mobile solutions that are natively integrated with Microsoft Skype for Business.

Our solutions allow mobile workers to do their work more effectively and offer a more personalized experience to their clients.

Ours news

  • Virtual IP-DECT controllers
  • Atlas for DECT
  • IP-DECT 200 server
  • Versity